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What is STARLIMS v11?

STARLIMS v11 is a leading, unified laboratory informatics solution that seamlessly incorporates an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) in a single, full-featured LIMS platform.

What does "The right screen for the task" mean?

STARLIMS v11 empowers users to utilise the best device / screen for the task at hand: a rich, web based interface for internal lab work, a smartphone or tablet for on-the-go lab monitoring or any HTML5-compatible browser as a portal for partners and laboratory customers. More...
Internal Lab Users

Internal users and laboratory personnel should click the button below to access the fully featured LIMS system.
Depending on your role, you can do tasks such as sample accessioning, worksheet creation, results entry and review, complex instrument data processing and report generation in this modern and rich system.

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  Mobile Lab Users

Use your touch-aware mobile device to work while on the go. For example, perhaps you need to quickly access the laboratory's key performance indicators, view historical results, perform inventory reconciliation or enter observations from remote sampling sites. You can use tablet or smartphone applications that run on either the iOS and Android platforms, as appropriate for the device and task.

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  External Lab Users

If you need the laboratory's clients to be able access the laboratory system via a browser-independent portal, please click the button below. For example, this could enable lab customers to request analyses, access the results for previously submitted samples, or view released reports. The modern, lightweight HTML5 platform delivers rich data in the browser of your choice.

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